Creative Professional Development Associate (CPDA) is a professional education organization. We dedicate to provide different professional training courses which can help the participants to obtain professional qualifications. Also, we provide the professional instructors with extensive experience. This can help our participants to acquire the latest job/task/works related information, improve their knowledge and competitiveness.
Creative Professional Development Associate (CPDA) praised for providing fact-based professional training with preeminent quality, as we always believe that “Learning For Leading Life” . We are arranging Post Graduate Diploma in some valuable and most professional subjects, i.e. PGDHRM, PGDHRBP, , PGDCWM, PGDRSM, PGDSCM, PGDCBM, PGDTVM, PGDSDM, etc. Also have some MOU with global renowned Education organization i.e. AIMS, UK (for CSCE, CSLP, MDSCM, CIB, CTP, CIFE, MDIF, CPM, CPME, MDPM etc) SITMI, India (for CEHRM, CEOB, CESCM, CEPSM, CEPOP, CTQMP, CIP, CELT, CIEB, CEMIM etc.) Mathnal, India (for CSCRA, CSCBPR, CDPFI etc)

1.1 Principles:

The core of this knowledge enhancing plan is based on four principals; Creative planning, Organizing, Training and Career Development.

1.2 Vision & Mission:

Our vision is to create a learning platform that people can get quality service to earn satisfactory knowledge and to become one of the leading courses and program providers and qualifying body.

Our mission is put into action through programs and a focus on learning activities to benefit the professionals, to achieve business and financial success while leaving a positive imprint on society by-
• Offering high quality training programs for the employee to enhance their professional competitiveness.
• Offering the professional courses to enhance the development of manpower by integrating with global renowned Educational/training institute.

1.3. Values:

Creative Professional Development Associate (CPDA) place particular value on:

• Excellence Quality 

• Career Oriented

• Result Oriented 

• Modern & updated feature

1.4 Organization Profile:

Form of business: Partnership.

Name  of Organization: Creative Professional Development Associate (CPDA)

Business operation: Full time venture, Sunday to Thursday (Friday is open for class) 10:00am to 7:00pm.

Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh.        

1.5  Board of Honorable Advisor

1.   Lt. Col M A Mannan (Retd), Chairman of Advisory Board
2.   M. A. Sattar, Deputy Tax Commissioner (Rtd), NBR, Bangladesh
3.   Mujibor Rahman Haowlader, Principal (Rtd), Agargaon, Taltola Govt Women College.
4.   Md. Adbul Motaleb, Sr. Warrant Officer (Rtd), Bangladesh Army
5.   M. S. Ahmad Ali, Managing Director, Basila Garden City Ltd.
6.   Md. Kazi Amirul Islam Jinnah, SCM professional, Base Technology Ltd.
7.   Dr. Anisur Rahman Khan, MBBS, MD (Cardiology), Assistant Professor, Mugda Medical College & Hospital
National Institute of Neuroscience & Hospital.

Lt. Col M A Mannan (Retd)
The Chairman, Advisory Board

  1. 6. Our Managements:

1. Md. Elyus Mia, Managing Director
2. M. M. Zaman, Director & Global Coordinator

3. Md. Jakir Hossain- Director, Finance
4. Md. Shahadat Hossain- Director, Marketing
5. Mamunur Rashid- Director, Business Development

2. Our Services

  • Post Graduate Diploma (PGD) Course ( 6months)

PGDHRM – Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

PGDHBP – Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Business Partner

PGDSCM- Post Graduate Diploma in Human Resource Management

PGDCWM- Post Graduate Diploma in Compliance & Welfare Management

PGDCBM- Post Graduate Diploma in Commercial & Bannking Management

2.2 Global Certificate Courses : (3months, 6 months, 9 months & 1 year)



Mathnal, India : CSCRA, CSCBPR, CDPFI

2.3 Training / workshop:
    √ 1 Day Training (Full day)
    √ 2 Days Training (Full day)
    √ Half Day Training (Evening Training)

2.4  Customized Training/ Corporate Training for Corporate Office and University

2.5 Student admission support to Foreign University

Training/Workshop List

SlName of course
1Etiquette, Manner, Leadership, quality of leadership.
2News and Program Presentation, News Reporting in Radio & Television
3Bangladesh Labour Act 2006 (with recent amendment) & Rules 2015
4Fire, Risk, Safety & Security Management
5Disciplinary Action & Misconduct,  Punishment,  Duties & Responsibilities,
6Export-Import Business Through different types of L/C, its Procedure
7Leadership, Team building & developing public speaking skills.
8Changes of VAT & Taxes in Finance Act-2019 (Budget-2019)
9How to prepare for the next Level
10Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)
11Supply Chain Management for Competitive Advantage
12Demand planning &  Sales operation
13Letter of Credit & how its work as payment vehicle.
14Procurement, Inventory Logistics & Distribution.
12Business Communication
13HRM Recent & Future Trend in Bangladesh
14MS Excel for SCM & Accounts Career Excel
15Integrated Supply Chain Management
16Ethics & Morality on corporate life
17Modern Supply Chain Management
18Becoming  a Sales Champion
19HR Accounting, Concept of Human Capital Management
20Total Productive Maintenance
21Office Kaizen& 5S
22Becoming HR Business Partner

To see workshop schedule, cost & trainer details, pls see the circular.