To connect with like-minded Supply Chain (SC) professionals & Human Resource (HR) Professional from all over the world, gain access to exclusive industry events, and stay up-to-date with our in-depth news coverage of the latest happenings in the Supply Chain (SCM) & Human Resource (HRM) sector. Enroll now for instant membership and enjoy exclusive member’s benefits by being a member of CPTC Alumni Association (CAA).

Alumni associations are societies of graduates or, more broadly, of former students of CPTC. Alumni Associations offer a variety of benefits and services that help alumni maintain connections.

Alumni associations organize:

  1. Social events
  2. Publish newsletters & Annual Magazines,
  3. Raise funds for the CAA or the alma mater.
  4. Annual events i.e. Retreat, Picnic, Iftar Party, Eid-reunion, Reward, etc.
  5. Support new alumni
  6. Build up a forum for friendships and business relationships with people of similar background.

Benefits Include

  1. Discount: Members will be entitled to get discounts (10% to 20%) for all CPTC’s events and its training programs.
  2. Free copies of magazine or News Letter
  3. Information Sharing: Access to all members i.e. Job opportunity, announcement for Training or important professional news through Social Media i.e. Gmail Group, Whatsapp Group, Facebook Group, Linkedin etc.
  4. Update information: Update information on Professional topics, professional task, case study, online solution, etc.
  5. Recognition: Member will recognize of professionals based on their skills and knowledge.
  6. Contribution: Members who are keen to give back to the community can explore participating in various initiatives hosted by CPTC, such as becoming trainer and facilitator, as well as providing professional advisory support.
  7. Job: Update information on job circular.