Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS)

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Creative Professional Development Associate (CPDA)   

Concerning an association with AIMS as Regional Academic Partner (RAP)

Academy for International Modern Studies (AIMS), Accredited UK Institution for Online Diploma and Certificate Courses

Academy for International Modern Studies or AIMS has established its robust standing internationally, since its foundation in year 2005. AIMS is based in UK and it has maintained a solid promise to the professional growth. Thousands of professionals in more than 160 countries have earned their intellectual passion through AIMS. Equal excellence of instructive resources and range of high-quality courses ensure its professional success. The academic programs includes online diploma and certificate courses, and they are delivered through a flexible e-learning system.

AIMS have upheld a commitment to grow individuals’ career paths, and has earned its strong academic reputation through its Project Management Academy, Supply Chain Academy and Islamic Finance Institute. Students study from all over the world, and the same quality of education, academic resources, and faculty support is available to them all.

AIMS is dealing with the course:

These academic programs includes the following:

1.  Institute of Project Management

1.1.  Certified Project Manager (CPM)

1.2.  Certified Project Management Expert (CPME)

1.3.  Master Diploma in Project Management (MDPM)

1.4.  MBA in Project Management

2.  Institute of Supply Chain Management

2.1.  Certified Supply and Logistics Professional (CSLP)

2.2.  Certified Supply Chain Expert (CSCE)

2.3.  Master Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MDSCM)

2.4.  MBA in Supply Chain Management

3.  Institute of Islamic Finance

3.1.  Certified Islamic Banker (CIB)

3.2.  Certified Islamic Finance Expert (CIFE)

3.3.  Master Diploma in Islamic Finance (MDIF)

3.4.  MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance

3.5.  PhD in Islamic Finance

CPDA Office: Applicants who wishes to register, can submit the form and pay the fee in person at CPDAs office. The student will receive Admission confirmation message and Login Details within 2 days, after the admission form and fee is received by AIMS.

Once a student is enrolled, AIMS will manage all the academic activities and will provide necessary support, till completion of the program.