Mathnal, a Supply Chain Consulting & Training Firm,

Address: 1-1-110/5, Ramdas Nagar Colony, Kapra, 500062, Hyderabad, India

Creative Professional Development Associate (CPDA) is Local Partner in Bangladesh

Mathnal is supply chain innovation company, striving to strengthen & deepen the mathematical applications in supply chain and improving it’s outcomes. Mathnal  provide supply chain consulting and training services, are operating from Hyderabad, India

Mathnal believe in converting business reasons or rationale into mathematical predictive equations by closely monitoring the patterns of variables and their outcomes. Predicitive equation helps in deriving measurable and controlled supply chain and business strategies.

Courses are dealing with:

Sl Course name
1 CSCBPR– Certification on Supply Chain Business Process Re-engineering
2 CCIA– Certification course on Inventory Analytics
3 CSCRA– Certified Supply Chain Risk Analyst