Post Graduate
Diploma in Supply Chain Management

Overview of the Course:

The arena of Supply Chain Management
(SCM) are enhancing day by day. In this digitalized & global competitive
environment; organizations are to overcome so many complexities by taking
challenges with proper techniques to provide the value to customers. To handle
properly the rapid-increasing expenditure & cost, there required an expert
and smart workforce to survive the organization for a conscientious Supply
Chain Management system. Learning the basic concept, policy and procedure,
tools, techniques, risk factors and challenges of Supply Chain, make a person
expert on SCM.

This course is premeditated and designed
to excel participant’s knowledge and skills in operating supply chain tasks
efficiently. It is an integrated course with consider some globally curse
outlines i.e. CSCP, CSCE, CESCM etc.

Supply Chain Management (SCM) is the design,
planning, execution, control, and monitoring of supply chain activities with
the objective of creating net value, building a competitive infrastructure,
leveraging worldwide logistics, synchronizing supply with demand, and measuring
performance locally and globally.

Who can get benefit from this course:

The professionals who
are engaged in:

  • SCM, Procurement, Purchase
  • Commercial, Customs, Export, Import
  • Distribution, Operation, Logistics,
  • Store, Inventory, Warehouse
  • Freight Forwarder, C& F Agent,
  • Fresh Graduate who want build his career
    with SCM.

About Semesters & Exams

The course has been divided in to two semesters. The course can be completed within 6 months. Students are assessed by semester final exams. 50% is MCQ test & 50% written test.

NB: The registration period for each student will remain for 9 months.

Credit our: 27, Course Duration – 6 months,

Class : 32-34 nos ; Class time: 5.00pm (Friday only)

Course Materials

We have developed our SCM course book by both industry experts and in-house academic team. We provide free course book along with study materials.

Teacher & Class schedule

Our faculty members have more than 10 years of professional and academic experience. Please see the profile of facilitators in website.

Admission Qualification

Minimum bachelor’s degree (or equivalent qualification) is required. Applicants are expected to have language proficiency as exams are conducted in ‘English’. CPDA reserves the right to reject any admission application.

Course Fees

Total cost for Physical class – TK 24,000/- & for Online Class 22,000/-

NB: Sometimes we offer discount on course fees. Please contact us to get this offer.

Course Modules:

1st Semester:

Module 1: Fundamental Supply Chain Management

Module 2: Purchasing & Procurement Management

Module 3: International Purchasing & L/C Management

Term Paper

Final Semester:

Module 4: Production, Planning & Operation  Management

Module 5: Inventory & Distribution Management

Module 6: Logistics & Transportation Management

Thesis & Term paper

Viva voce

Total  Marks:  900

1st Term: 300,

Final Term-300,

Thesis & term paper 200, Viva Voce 100

Awarding of PGDSCM: •To be successfully awarded PGDSCM, a student need to achieve a minimum of 70% on average for all the courses with no less than 60% in any individual course